Pro-Derm – Antioxidant Protectors

Daily exposure to ultra-violet rays causes photoaging. Our protectors contain anti-UVA and UVB solar filters, antioxidants, natural soothing agents and high quality moisturizers; the combination of these components improves the cutaneous protective effects.

Facial Day Cream

Facial Day Cream SPF 20

For normal skin

Recommendations For Use:
Apply generously every day if you are planning to be outside. The cream can be applied on the face, neck, and upper chest as well as on the forearms, as needed. Rub the cream in well and wait ten minutes before applying make-up. If you are out in the sun, renew the application regularly.

Available in 60 ml

Daytime Fluid

Daytime Fluid SPF 30

For oily skin

The base of these daytime moisturizing creams is formulated to resemble as close as possible to vernix caseosa (epidermal lipids barrier). They are anti-wrinkle, enriched with Vitamin A, B5, C, E (Tocopherol) and contain anti-oxidants as well as anti-free radicals. They contain sunscreens and should be applied each morning or whenever you plan to be outdoors for more than 15 minutes. Make-up may be applied directly over this product.

Available in 50ml