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Erbium Laser Treatments

We also offer Erbium Laser Treatments - the most technologically advanced system for eliminating and smoothing out wrinkles and acne scarring on the face as well as other body areas without the significant downtime seen with previous lasers. This laser is also extremely beneficial in improving the tone and texture of your skin and in eliminating many of the unwanted brown spots.

Our laser treatments include:

Example of MicroLaserPeel


A minimal downtime light resurfacing treatment limited to the top layer of the skin that evens out skin tone, texture & colour, and restores a healthy-looking, youthful glow to the skin.

Example of Profactional Therapy

Profractional Therapy™

A minimal downtime treatment that creates micro-ablated channels deep into dermal tissue (to treat mainly acne scarring and help stimulate new collagen growth), surrounded by islands of untreated skin (to promote rapid healing).

Example of Deep Resurfacing

Deep Resurfacing

This treatment is a more aggressive procedure that helps to smooth out the wrinkles, remove unwanted pigmentation and improve tone and texture in both the top and middle layers of the skin. Downtime is approximately 1 week.