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Bauerfeind Medical Compression Stockings

Bauerfeind is a family run European compression stocking manufacturing company which has been in business for over 75 years and is one of the Sponsors of the 2010 winter Olympics. It is the first compression stocking that has been proven to care for and protect the legs in clinical testing. It’s effectiveness in providing adequate compression and showing medical benefit has been shown in clinical experiments. The VenoTrain stockings are very easy to get on and off and very comfortable to wear.

One out of 2 adults over the age of 30 needs compression stockings. Most drug plans cover an average of two pairs of stockings per year.

Does your drug plan cover the Bauerfeind Medical Compression Stockings?

Patients at risk of vein disease and varicose veins and who would benefit from compression stockings are: Pregnancy, heredity, sitting or standing for long periods of time, obesity, trauma, birth control pills and infectious diseases.

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